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is an Israeli public association established in 2005, operating as one of the three Topaz International divisions. Topaz International is a global dynamic social change movement that initiates and incorporates Israeli and International Social Change enterprises and movements. Topaz International engages passionate social entrepreneurs, activists and social leaders, working in the Israeli social field and in the international development arena since 2000. In the past twenty years, Topaz International advanced over sixty creative new initiatives.







”The project in numbers”

Over 200 medical personnel delegations to Kiboga.
Over 35 Ugandan medical personnel trained in various medical centres.
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patients were treated in the regional hospital and 4,560 were treated in community outreach.
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A 25% decrease in morbidity, and 55% fewer referrals due to inadequate local resources.
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Since the opening of the Diabetes Clinic, we witnessed a 70% decrease in hospitalization

The location

The project is based in "Kiboga" District hospital, located in one of the poorest districts in Uganda, 120km northwest of the capital city of Kampala. Kiboga District Hospital is a small government hospital, providing medical services to a population of around 400,000 people. The hospital has 120 admission beds, as well as an outpatient clinic,
all run by a staff consisting only of 4 doctors, with no additional doctors working in the community.

Our Goals

Building a Sustainable Model for Healthcare Systems in Rural Africa

Israeli Medicine on the Equator – IME. The program has been operating since 2005 in the Kiboga district, one of the poorest districts in Uganda, located 120 km northwest of the capital city Kampala. IME is based on voluntary medical teams, typically a group of three to four doctors and nurses who have undergone training and are volunteering for approximately three months or more.

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Our Vision - The Kiboga Model

“Israeli Medicine on the Equator” strives to develop a healthy and knowledgeable society equipped with the tools to reduce the burden of typical tropical diseases, advance preventable NCDs, and improve treatment and quality of life for people living with NCDs. We are on a mission to enhance health, medical performance, and sustainability in the Kiboga regional and other rural areas in Uganda and elsewhere in Africa. Thus by introducing a replicable model based on Israeli knowledge and expertise. 

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