SBI International Holdings AG is a Global construction and development group with a port folio of hundreds of land mark projects including the construction of Kiboga Hospital in the 1960'.

Since 2014 SBI is the main supporter of the “Israeli Medicine on the Equator” project. The company supports the project financially and provides logistical aid in many fields. The company’s staff and families living in Kampala welcome our volunteers with a warm embrace, and help them feel at home away from home.

Kiboga District Health Ministry

The local health authorities and the Kiboga Hospital management support the project and work in colaboration with our volunteers, helping to identify medical needs in the local population in the district and working on plans to answer the needs.
The local health authorities also help coordinate the outreach work with the health centers and villages and provide basic medications and test kits for the outreach work.

Israel Medical Association (IMA), is a professional association of physicians in Israel.

Its goals are to promote the professional, scientific and economic affairs of its members, to maintain a suitable professional and ethical level in the medical profession and to attend to the status of the physician and medicine in Israel.
IMA officially endorsed our project on July 2017 and helps to promote and publicize our project to Israeli doctors through its different medical associations.