Preparations required before voluntary period

When accepted to the project, each volunteer will receive information and guidance regarding the required preparations. Preparations must be started at least a 6-8 weeks ahead of time.


​Flights, travel insurance and visas

  • Brit Olam will take care of flight reservations and travel insurance for volunteers participating in
    the project. Please inform us of any pre-existing medical problems so we can insure proper coverage.

  • Entry visa’s are obtained upon landing in Uganda.

​Personal vaccinations, medications and malaria prevention

  • Volunteers must complete travel vaccination and acquire needed medications including malaria
    prevention meds. Please set up an appointment with a travel clinic to get personal recommendations.
    Vaccinations should be taken care of at least 6 weeks before travel, since some of the vaccinations
    need to be given in several doses, a few weeks apart.

Vaccinations recommended for Uganda include Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A and B, Polio,
Typhoid fever,
meningococcus, and a buster for tetanus and pertussis. It is also 
recommended to get annual flu vaccine
and to insure full vaccination for MMR.
Receiving 3 ravies vaccines should also be considered since 
post-exposure vaccines are
not easly obtained in Uganda. This list is not a medical recommendation and 
does not
replace a personal consultation in a travel clinic.
  • Please carry with you your record of immunizations, as Ugandan authorities offten check to insureyellow fever vaccination before entry.

  • If you are using any chronic medicaions, make sure you bring with you sufficient amount for the entire voluntary period. 

  • Malaria is prevalent in the area and it is strongly recommended to take preventative medications, according to travel-clinic
    recommendations. The volunteer house is equipped with mosquito nets. Please make sure to sleep under the nets at nights, and apply effective mosquito repellant starting from afternoon hours. Note that some of the preventative treatment must be started a few weeks before travel (such as Lariam – 2-4 weeks in advance). If you are planning to take Lariam for malaria prevension, it is important to know that you must finish all live-attenuated vaccines before starting to take the medication.   

Driving license

  • The project has a vehicle that is available for the volunteers to use around Kiboga town and for outreach work. In order to be able to drive in Uganda you must bring with you your Israeli license, and issue an international driving license ahead of time. 

Personal and professional preparation

  • Volunteers are required to attend preparation meetings in Brit Olam offices.

  • Volunteers will receive professional preparation materials including local
    guidelines, and relevant information about prevalent diseases such as HIV, TB, malaria ect.

  • Volunteers will join clinics to learn more about tropical medicine, HIV and TB before participating in the project.

Local medical license

  • Certified doctors participating in the project are required to obtain a Ugandan medical license. To do so they need to obtain ahead of time certain documents required by the Ugandan Ministry of Health.  [Including an Israeli medical license translated to English and notarized, medical degree in English, a certificate of good stending from the ministry of health, a syllabus of medical training, and passport pictures].


  • Volunteers will aid in obtaining donations of medical supplies and medications needed in the hospital.